Covenant of Grace John Murray

ISBN: 9780875523637

Published: January 1st 1992


32 pages


Covenant of Grace  by  John Murray

Covenant of Grace by John Murray
January 1st 1992 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 32 pages | ISBN: 9780875523637 | 5.80 Mb

Wonderful book, I just wish it was longer. Murray examines biblical covenants, building the case that they should not be primarily seen as contracts or agreements, but as sovereign bestowments of grace and promise where a relation is established. He shows that this theme runs through the biblical covenants, from Noah to Christ.

The laws and commands that accompany these covenants are not to be seen as conditions for the covenant to be established, but as responsibilities within the covenant, as a response to the grace of the covenant, to be done so that the covenant promises can be fulfilled. Obviously, with only 32 pages, some matters are not covered or satisfactorily answered (such as the covenant of works), but the book is helpful as far as it goes in understanding the nature of biblical covenants.Some quotes:“But when all the instances of merely human covenants are examined, it would definitely appear that the notion of sworn fidelity is thrust into prominence in these covenants rather than that of mutual contract.

It is not the contractual terms that are in prominence so much as the solemn engagement of one person to another…It is the promise of unreserved fidelity, of whole-souled commitment that appears to constitute the essence of the covenant. There is promise, there may be the sealing of that promise by oath, and there is the bond resultant upon these elements.

It is a bonded relationship of unreserved commitment in respect of the particular thing involved or the relationship constituted.” (p. 10)The covenant is a sovereign dispensation of Gods grace. It is grace bestowed and a relation established...How then are we to construe the conditions of which we have spoken?...They are simply the reciprocal responses of faith, love and obedience, apart from which the enjoyment of the covenant blessing and of the covenant relation is inconceivable.

In a word, keeping the covenant presupposes the covenant relation as established rather than the condition upon which its establishment is contingent. (p. 19)At the centre of covenant revelation as its constant refrain is the assurance I will be you God, and ye shall be my people. The new covenant does not differ from the earlier covenants because it inaugurates this peculiar intimacy. It differs simply because it brings to the ripest and richest fruition the relationship epitomized in that promise.

(p. 32)

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