Conquered By Courtney 2: The Corset Redemption I.M. Rogue



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Conquered By Courtney 2: The Corset Redemption  by  I.M. Rogue

Conquered By Courtney 2: The Corset Redemption by I.M. Rogue
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CONQUERED BY COURTNEY 2: ROUGH LESBIAN DOMINATION -THE COSET REDEMPTIONFor a moment I lost my breath and sputtered to breath in a panic.“Hold still you prissy little wimp” she demanded.I gulped for some air, collected myself, and stood as still as possible. My nipples stung and the boning of the corset was digging in deeper. Even though I felt crushed I remained submissive and continued clenching my ass around the cherries at her command.Courtney moved up to the top section of strings and pulled firmly.

The top tightened and my tits literally squished into my chest tugging the clips so much that each nipple cried like they were burning.“Is that good enough ma’am” I asked flustered.“Why am I not surprised you want to quit.”“No, its okay ma’am. Please continue.”She pulled hard, again forcing the air out of my lungs. I gasped for more while trying to stand obediently still. My breasts flattened and spilled out luridly over the top of the corset. She gripped the strings tightly and pulled even harder.* * *After failing a harsh test of devotion Courtney dumps Belle, disappointed by her failure.

Belle commits to going to whatever lengths it takes to get her dominant lover back. But Courtney is not easily impressed and Belle must show complete dedication and endure the corset redemption to have any chance of winning her stern mistress back.**This story contains several erotic scenes and rough lesbian domination.

It is intended for mature readers**

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